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       May 26, 2013

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Cooking Classes
in Victoria, BC

I’m so excited to take my cooking classes international!


Taste the Rainbow

June 13, 10-1pm SOLD OUT
June 27th, 10-1pm – 1 spot left
June 27th, 5-8pm – SOLD OUT
July 10, 10-1pm SOLD OUT
July 10, 5-8pm SOLD OUT

$60 per class
or early bird price $50 until May 31st

Space is very limited

Reserve the last spot now

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Red Thai Curry

Whole Foods Market Maui

Join me for my monthly event @ Whole Foods

Cooking Class & Health Talk
Thursday, July 25th @ 6pm


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Be Healthy NOW
Strategy Session

Are you curious about how healthy you can be? Let’s talk and see how you can take your health to the next level.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


Last month at the Ho’olaulea Flower Festival on Maui, I was fortunate to meet David Nettinger, a host on Intention Radio.  He asked me if I’d be up for a radio interview.  Before taking a moment to think, I said yes!

This was WAY out of my comfort zone.  I love communicating with the world in print: by email, facebook, blog posts and newsletters….but a radio interview???!!! Eeeeek!  Luckily, David was keen to schedule the interview right away and so I had no time to “chicken” out.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge around living a healthy lifestyle and so I must step out from behind my computer.  And you know what?  I had a great time doing it.  You never know unless you try!  The worry experienced about stepping out was like praying for something I didn’t want.

Now that my voice has been heard, I’m thinking videos are up next.  This time, I’m relaxing into the uncertainty around making videos.  I have an eager 10 yr old videographer whose been patiently waiting for me to close my laptop and get in front of the camera to share what I do with you!

If you always do the same thing,
you’ll always get the same results.  

If you want a different outcome,
try something new!

Click here  to listen to my interview!

With Health & Aloha,


Sprinkling in Some Pleasure…

Tara Cycling

Last week, I was in Boulder, Colorado for the completion of my training with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.  I’m now a certified Eating Psychology Coach!  Through this training, I learned so many amazing ways to help clients with their relationship around food, mind and body.


For myself, my biggest “aha” was learning to slow down in life.  We are always zooming from one task to the next, in this never-ending cycle of “to dos”.  With this full speed ahead life style, our sympathetic nervous is always activated.


This puts us in a state of chronic low-level stress and metabolic force is diminished, fat storage is trigger, muscle building is turned off, digestion is weak, and we poorly assimilate nutrients.  We could be eating the healthiest diet on the planet but still not look and feel our best.


How do we move from stress to relaxation? By adding more pleasure into our lives.  It can be in small and subtle ways.  While in Boulder, I upped my pleasure quotient by hopping on a bike.  Rather than walk around town and to lectures each day, I explored Boulder by bike.  I felt like I was 13 yrs old, free as a bird.


We often forget about simple pleasures that bring us so much joy. How will you add pleasure to your day?

What Other’s are Saying…
RainedonTiWhen I started this journey I was desperate for change. I had a enormous amount of stress that was effecting my health, both physically and mentally. I was tired, overwhelmed and a bit depressed.I needed a boost and who better to turn to than Tara? Tara has given me the tools to organize my home, health and dietary routine. This may seem simple, but for a busy mom I often prioritized myself and my needs last.We all put our kids first, but with a little planning and organization I have found balance, and what a difference it has made. In addition, Tara has a firm understanding of how the body interacts with food and she has the knowledge needed to help achieve whatever the goal.

By adding and eliminating certain foods from my diet, I now have the energy I need to keep up with my busy lifestyle. Working with Tara has benefited me and my entire family and after a few months I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been. Thank you!!

~ Steph B.
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